Anna Paleologina-Cantacuzene (fl. 1270–1313)

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Anna Paleologina-Cantacuzene (fl. 1270–1313)

Regent of Epirus. Name variations: Palaeologina-Cantacuzena, Palaiologina. Born before 1270 in Byzantium; died after 1313 in Epirus; daughter of Princess Eulogia Paleologina (fl. 1200s); married Nicephorus I of Epirus (died 1296); children: Thomas of Epirus; Tamara (fl. 1300s, who married Philip of Tarento).

Anna was born into the Palaeologi house, the imperial family of Byzantium. Her mother was the princess Eulogia, and her uncle was Emperor Michael VIII Paleologus. Anna's royal birth led to her marriage to the despot Nicephorus I, ruler of the principality of Epirus. On Nicephorus' death in 1296, Anna took over the government of Epirus in her infant son's name. As regent, she quickly became embroiled in the civil struggles between those favoring stronger ties to the Greek emperor, whom Anna supported, and those seeking to ally Epirus with neighboring kingdoms against the Byzantine Empire. During the 17 years that she retained the regency, Anna successfully repelled invasions and threats to her power, both from inside Epirus and from foreign states. She turned over the reins of government to her son Thomas when he came of age in 1313.

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Anna Paleologina-Cantacuzene (fl. 1270–1313)

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