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Stanislavski, Maria Lilina (b. around 1870)

Russian actress. Name variations: Maria Petrovna Perevostchikova; Maria Lilina Perevozchikova or Perevoshchikova; Mme Stanislavsky; Maria Stanislavski or Stanislavskaya; acted under the name Maria Lilina. Born Maria Lilina Petrovna Perevostchikova, c. 1870; dau. of Petrov Perevostchikov (well-known lawyer); m. Constantin Stanislavski (1863–1938, actor, director, and teacher of acting), July 5, 1889; children: Xenia (died in infancy); Kira Stanislavski; Igor Stanislavski.

Met Constantin Stanislavski when she made her acting debut with him in a charity performance of Spoiled Darling (1888); at his invitation, joined his Society of Art and Literature; appeared with him in the society's production of Schiller's Kabale and Liebe; married (1889); when not pregnant, took to the stage whenever possible and may have been involved with the design elements of his productions; also knew English and frequently interpreted for him; remained a member of the company of the Moscow Art Theater, though Olga Knipper-Chekova emerged as the company's leading actress; in later years, as husband became famous, protected him from an eager public and helped manage his busy schedule.

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Stanislavski, Maria Lilina (b. around 1870)

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