Stanislavsky, Simon Judah

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STANISLAVSKY, SIMON JUDAH (1849–1921), author and scholar. Born in Nikopol, S. Russia, Stanislavsky received a traditional education, and influenced by I. *Orshanski, entered a Russian gymnasium at the age of 23.

His first contribution to the Hebrew press dealt with problems of education, especially for girls. Later he wrote studies on the history of Russian Jewry as well as monographs on Isaac Erter, Abraham Abba Glusk, the Maggid of Dubno (Jacob *Kranz), Mendel *Lefin, Israel *Zamosc, and others. Most of his works were published in the Russian-Jewish press, mainly in Yevreyskaya Biblioteka and Voskhod. He also contributed to Hebrew periodicals, such as Ha-Shilo'aḥ and Reshummot. Stanislavsky was one of the first maskilim in Yekaterinoslav (*Dnepropetrovsk) where he resided, contributing many reports on the activities of his community to the Hebrew and Russian-Jewish press.


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