Sears, Zelda (1873–1935)

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Sears, Zelda (1873–1935)

American actress and screenwriter. Born Jan 21, 1873, in Brockway, Michigan; died Feb 19, 1935, in Hollywood, CA; dau. of Justin Paldi and Roxa (Tyler) Paldi; m. Herbert E. Sears; m. L. C. Wiswell.

Made NY debut in Woman and Wine (1900), then had a huge success as Mrs. Brown in Lover's Lane (1901); also appeared in Glad of It, The Coronet of a Duchess, Cousin Billy, The Truth, Girls, The Blue Mouse and Standing Pat, among others; wrote scenarios for Cecil B. De Mille (1925–27) and MGM (1928–34), including dialogue for Susan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise) and the adaptation for Tugboat Annie.

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