Mantle, Winifred Langford (1911–1983)

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Mantle, Winifred Langford (1911–1983)

British young-adult and romance writer. Name variations: (pseudonyms) Jan Blaine, Anne Fellowes, Frances Lang, and Jane Langford. Born Winifred Langford Mantle, Feb 15, 1911, in Staffordshire, England; died Nov 13, 1983, in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire; dau. of Joseph Langford Mantle and Florence (Fellows) Mantle.

Published novels for juveniles and adults, including Happy is the House (1951), The Secret Fairing (1956), The Keys of Heaven (1958), The Leaping Lords (1963), The Painted Cave (1965), Winter at Wycliffe (1968), The Tower of Remicourt (1971), The Inconvenient Marriage (1974), The Vanishing Bridegroom (1980), and To Be a Fine Lady (1985).

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