Magruder, Julia (1854–1907)

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Magruder, Julia (1854–1907)

American novelist. Born Sept 14, 1854, in Charlottesville, VA; died June 9, 1907, in Richmond, VA; dau. of Allan Bowie Magruder (lawyer) and Sarah (Gilliam) Magruder; niece of John Bankhead Magruder (US army officer).

Anonymously published 1st novel, Across the Chasm (1885), about the need for reconciliation between North and South which attracted much attention, but none of her subsequent works received as much fanfare; also wrote The Princess Sonia (1895), A Magnificent Plebeian (1888), Struan (1899), A Heaven-Kissing Hill (1899), and A Sunny Southerner (1901), among others.

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