Gagneur, Louise (1832–1902)

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Gagneur, Louise (1832–1902)

French novelist and feminist. Name variations: Marie-Louise Gagneur. Born Marie-Louise Mignerot, May 25, 1832, in Domblans, France; died 1902; m. Vladimir or Wladimir Gagneur (1807–1889, socialist writer and Chamber deputy); children: Marguerite Gagneur (sculptor, b. 1857).

Outspoken on issues such as rights of women and poverty, wrote Le divorce (1872) in favor of divorce law reform which contributed to an eventual law permitting dissolution of civil marriage (1884); published article in La Constitution opposing militarism that caused journal to be banned (1872); novels include Le Calvaire des femmes, La Croisade noire (1866), Les Réprouvées (1867), Les Crimes de l'amour (1874), Un Chevalier de sacristie (1881), le Roman d'un prêtre (1881), and Le Crime de l'abbé Maufrac (1882).

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