Franklin, Ann (1696–1763)

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Franklin, Ann (1696–1763)

New England printer. Born Ann Smith, Oct 2, 1696, in Boston, Massachusetts; died April 19, 1763, in Newport, Rhode Island; sister-in-law of Benjamin Franklin; m. James Franklin, Feb 4, 1723 (died 1735); children: 5.

Probably the 1st woman printer in New England, took over husband's printing business in Newport, RI, after his death (1735); ran business for 13 years (1735–48) and printed The Rhode-Island Almanack for the Year 1737 and Acts and Laws (1745), among others; became colony printer (1736); continued active role in business after son James Franklin Jr. took over (1748); briefly returned to work after son's death (1762) until her own health failed. Approximately 47 works have been attributed to her press between 1735 and 1848.

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