Brand, Mona (1915–)

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Brand, Mona (1915–)

Australian poet and playwright. Name variations: Mona Alexis Fox Brand. Born Oct 22, 1915, in Sydney, NSW, Australia; m. Len Fox (socialist).

Socialist playwright, was an industrial social welfare worker during WWII; lived in Hanoi (1956–57); was a member of the Communist Party until 1970; wrote over 25 plays, which were often produced by the left-wing New Theatre as well as overseas, including the anti-racist Here Under Heaven (1947), Flood Tide (1955), Pavement Oasis (1958), On Stage Vietnam (1967) and Here Comes Kisch! (1984); poetry includes Wheel and Bobbin (1938), Silver Singing (1940), Lass in Love (1946) and Daughters of Vietnam, Hanoi (1958). Awards include New South Wales Arts Council Drama Festival 1st prize for Our 'Dear' Relation (1968).

See also Enough Blue Sky: The autobiography of Mona Brand, an unknown well-known playwright.

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