Bock, Amy Maud (1859–1943)

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Bock, Amy Maud (1859–1943)

New Zealand confidence artist. Name variations: Amy Maud Christofferson, Molly Shannon, Agnes Vallance. Born May 18, 1859, at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia; died Aug 29, 1943, at Bombay, New Zealand; dau. of Alfred Bock and Mary Ann Parkinson; m. Charles Edward Christofferson (farmer), 1914.

Arrived in New Zealand (late 1880s); established pattern of securing domestic work and then defrauding employers; used several names and served frequent prison sentences for fraud, including posing as wealthy sheepfarmer Percival Leonard Carol Redwood and marrying Agnes Ottaway in April 1909 (marriage annulled 2 months later).

See also Dictionary of New Zealand Biography (Vol. 2).

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