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trans·mit / tranzˈmit; trans-/ • v. (-mit·ted , -mit·ting ) [tr.] cause (something) to pass on from one place or person to another: knowledge is transmitted from teacher to student. ∎  broadcast or send out (an electrical signal or a radio or television program): the program was transmitted on October 7. ∎  pass on (a disease or trait) to another: [as adj.] (transmitted) sexually transmitted diseases. ∎  allow (heat, light, sound, electricity, or other energy) to pass through a medium: the three bones transmit sound waves to the inner ear. ∎  communicate or be a medium for (an idea or emotion): the theatrical gift of being able to transmit emotion. DERIVATIVES: trans·mis·si·bil·i·ty / -ˌmisəˈbilitē/ n. ( chiefly Med. ). trans·mis·si·ble / -ˈmisəbəl/ adj. ( chiefly Med. ). trans·mis·sive / -ˈmisiv/ adj. trans·mit·ta·ble adj. trans·mit·tal / -ˈmitl/ n.

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transmitacquit, admit, backlit, bedsit, befit, bit, Brit, Britt, chit, commit, demit, dit, emit, fit, flit, frit, git, grit, hit, intermit, it, kit, knit, legit, lickety-split, lit, manumit, mishit, mitt, nit, omit, outsit, outwit, permit, pit, Pitt, pretermit, quit, remit, retrofit, shit, sit, skit, slit, snit, spit, split, sprit, squit, submit, tit, transmit, twit, whit, wit, writ, zit •albeit, howbeit •poet •bluet, cruet, intuit, suet, Yuit •Inuit • floruit • Jesuit •Babbitt, cohabit, habit, rabbet, rabbit •ambit, gambit •jackrabbit • barbet • Nesbit • rarebit •adhibit, exhibit, gibbet, inhibit, prohibit •titbit (US tidbit) • flibbertigibbet •Cobbett, gobbet, hobbit, obit, probit •orbit • Tobit •cubit, two-bit •hatchet, latchet, ratchet •Pritchett •crotchet, rochet

views updated

transmit send across a space XIV; pass on by communication XVII; cause to pass through a medium. — L. transmittere.
So transmission XVI. — L. transmissiō, -ōn-; see TRANS-, MISSION.