Lessing, Doris: Further Reading

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Comprehensive bibliography of criticism on Lessing's canon through 1978.


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Biography that traces major plots and themes in Less-ing's early fiction.

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Provides a biography of Lessing.


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Examines the mother-daughter relationship in Lessing's Children of Violence series.

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Explores Lessing's contradictory attitude toward motherhood through a survey of her fiction that features cats.

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Full-length critical study of Lessing's work.

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Collection of critical essays by Elizabeth Abel, Victoria Middleton, Eve Bertelsen, and others.

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Contends that "the five volumes of Children of Violence through which Doris Lessing follows the growth process of a single protagonist is a rich source for the evolution of the twentieth-century female Bildungsroman."

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Considers Lessing's portrayal of sexuality and sexual relations within the sociopolitical context in The Golden Notebook.

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Examines the autobiographies Under My Skin and Walking in the Shade within the framework of Lessing's life and writings.

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Examines the fiction of Lessing and provides a bibliographic index.

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Elucidates the major themes of Lessing's oeuvre, highlighting the feminist concerns of her fiction.

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Explores parallels between The Golden Notebook and Anais Nin's Diary.

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Collection of critical essays on aspects of Lessing's work, including several that focus on her feminist themes.

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Discusses the middle-aged heroines in The Summer before Dark and The Diaries of Jane Somers.


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