Lesser Curvatures

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Lesser Curvatures

The slower and shallower inside flows of a river bend can be productive habitat. Weed beds can flourish here providing both shelter and insects; furthermore, at times of abundant hatches, fish can prefer these locations. In big tail water streams, inside bends provide an immense area of productive water. Huge schools of fish can seek out these areas.

Fish feeding in inside bends can become highly selective. They see a limited assortment of food varieties and become accustomed to feeding upon what is hatching. In these calm waters fish can scrutinize the size, shape, color, and action of their feed; therefore, your fly must be properly matched and presented.

Another problem of inside bends is that the mini-turbulences caused by waving weed beds complicate a drag free presentation. Here use a careful presentation with a highly flexible leader tippet.

Fish can hold in these lies during non hatch periods. At these times fish tend to school tighter together in the deeper part of the streams inside bend.

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Lesser Curvatures

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