Atwood, Margaret: Further Reading

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Examines the notion of identity in Atwood's poetry.

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Draws on feminist and psychoanalytic theory to examine political and psychological links among Atwood's novels.

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Examines the surveillance of women in The Handmaid's Tale, arguing that the film version of the novel forces the audience to be complicit in the surveillance.

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Discusses Atwood's development of a formal feminist poetics throughout her canon.

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Contends that Atwood's representation of women's experience draws heavily from the principles of modern physics.

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Examination of Atwood's portrayal of the oral tradition in The Handmaid's Tale as a political tactic in which orality is used to uphold gender roles and stereotypes.

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Thirteen essays examining Atwood as a woman writing about women.

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Collection of essays on a wide variety of topics in Atwood's works as well as her influence on literature and culture. Contains an interview with Atwood, examples of her artwork and photographs, and a bibliography.

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Collection of essays with a primarily feminist grounding. Includes an autobiographical foreword by Atwood, an interview, and a moderated discussion with students.

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Examines Atwood's interpretive use of fairy tales as transformative for women.


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