Social Protest

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Section 11

Collective Action 189

Charles Tilly

Moral Economy and Luddism 205

John G. Rule

Urban Crowds 217

Michael P. Hanagan

Revolutions 227

Michael D. Richards

Labor History: Strikes and Unions 253

Michael P. Hanagan

Socialism 267

Eric D. Weitz

Gender and Popular Protest 279

Anna Clark

New Social Movements 289

Gisela Kaplan

Student Movements 301

Brendan Dooley

Modern Protest Politics 311

Marco Giugni

social protest

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Social Protest

views updated May 21 2018

597. Social Protest

  1. Germinal portrays the sufferings of workers in the French mines. [Fr. Lit.: Zola Germinal ]
  2. Jungle, The novel exposed harrowing moral, economic, and hygienic conditions in the meat-packing industry. [Am. Lit.: Upton Sinclair The Jungle ]
  3. Tin Drum, The Grasss surreal novel of 20th-century madness. [Ger. Lit.: Magill IV, 1220]
  4. Weavers, The textile workers revolt against their employer and wreck the factory. [Ger. Drama: Haydn & Fuller, 792]

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Social Protest

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