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war·horse / ˈwôrˌhôrs/ • n. (in historical contexts) a large, powerful horse ridden in battle. ∎ inf. an elderly person such as a soldier, politician, or sports player who has fought many campaigns or contests. ∎  a musical, theatrical, or literary work that has been heard or performed repeatedly: that old warhorse Liszt's “Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.”

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warhorsecoarse, corse, course, divorce, endorse (US indorse), enforce, force, gorse, hoarse, horse, morse, Norse, perforce, reinforce, sauce, source, torse •Wilberforce • workforce • packhorse •carthorse • racehorse • sea horse •hobby horse • Whitehorse •sawhorse, warhorse •clothes horse • shire horse •workhorse • racecourse • concourse •intercourse • watercourse •outsource

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