Warin, Bl.

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Benedictine abbot; d. 856. Warin was a member of a Carolingian family and seems to have been the son of the Saxon Count Eckbert and St. ida of herzfeld. During his early years he belonged to the imperial court, but he later entered the Abbey of corbie, where he was a disciple of paschasius radbertus, who called him Placidus Varinus. In 822 Warin was sent to the new Abbey of corvey and in 826 became abbot after the death of adalard. At the same time Louis the Pious gave him the Abbey of Rebais. Corvey flourished during his administration. At Warin's request Radbertus wrote the De corpore et sanguine Domini (831) for the instruction of the recently Christianized Saxon monks at Corvey who were still poorly versed in doctrine. For his novices, Warin had Radbertus write the De fide, spe, et caritate. Warin accepted the missionary fields of Meppen (834) and Visbek (855) for Corvey, thus beginning the mission among the Germans of the North. hilduin of saint-denis sent him the relic of St. Vitus in 836.

Feast: Sept. 26.

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