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troop·er / ˈtroōpər/ • n. 1. a state police officer. ∎  a mounted police officer. 2. a private soldier in a cavalry, armored, or airborne unit. ∎  a cavalry horse. PHRASES: swear like a trooper swear a great deal.

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troopercoper, doper, eloper, Europa, groper, hoper, L-dopa, moper, no-hoper, opah, toper •interloper •blooper, cooper, Cowper, duper, grouper, Hooper, looper, pea-souper, pupa, scooper, snooper, stupa, stupor, super, trooper, trouper, whooper •pooper-scooper • party-pooper •paratrooper • mea culpa • chutzpah •crupper, cuppa, scupper, supper, upper •gulper, kalpa, pulper •bumper, dumper, gazumper, jumper, lumper, stumper, thumper •showjumper • diaper • galloper •developer •scalloper, walloper •chirper, sherpa, usurper

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trooper a soldier in a troop of cavalry; the term was used in connexion with the Covenanting Army which invaded England in 1640, and was used in the English Army in 1660.
swear like a trooper swear profusely; recorded from the mid 18th century.

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