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rig1 / rig/ • v. (rigged , rig·ging ) [tr.] make (a sailing ship or boat) ready for sailing by providing it with sails and rigging: the catamaran will be rigged as a ketch | [as adj. , in comb.] (-rigged) a gaff-rigged cutter. ∎  assemble and adjust (the equipment of a sailboat, aircraft, etc.) to make it ready for operation: most sails are kept ready rigged. ∎  set up (equipment or a device or structure), typically hastily or in makeshift fashion: he had rigged up a sort of tent the crew began to rig the camera equipment on a platform. ∎  provide (someone) with clothes of a particular style or type: a cavalry regiment rigged out in green and gold. • n. 1. the particular way in which a sailboat's masts, sails, and rigging are arranged: the yacht will emerge from the yard with her original rig. ∎  the sail, mast, and boom of a sailboard. 2. an apparatus, device, or piece of equipment designed for a particular purpose: a lighting rig. ∎  an oil rig or drilling rig. ∎  (in CB and shortwave radio) a transmitter and receiver. ∎  a particular type of construction for fishing tackle that bears the bait and hook. 3. a person's costume, outfit, or style of dress: the rig of the Army Air Corps. 4. a tractor-trailer. ∎  another type of vehicle, such as a horse-drawn carriage. PHRASES: (in) full rig inf. (wearing) fancy or ceremonial clothes. rig2 • v. (rigged , rig·ging ) [tr.] manage or conduct (something) fraudulently so as to produce a result or situation that is advantageous to a particular person: the results of the elections had been rigged | [as n. , in comb.] (-rigging) charges of vote-rigging. ∎  cause an artificial rise or fall in prices in (a market, esp. the stock market) with a view to personal profit: he accused games manufacturers of rigging the market. • n. archaic a trick or way of swindling someone.

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rigbig, brig, dig, fig, frig, gig, grig, jig, lig, pig, prig, rig, snig, sprig, swig, tig, trig, twig, Whig, wig •Liebig • shindig • whirligig •thingamajig • Pfennig • Gehrig •thimblerig • Meurig • oilrig • Leipzig •Schleswig • bigwig • periwig • Ludwig •earwig • Danzig • Zagazig

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rig1 fit out, esp. with clothes; make ready for sea, supply with tackle XV; provide, fit up XVI; fix, adjust XVII. perh. of Scand. orig. (cf. Norw. rigga bind or wrap up).
Hence sb. arrangement of masts, sails, etc.; outfit (rig-out) XIX. rigging XV; concr. XVI.

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rig2 (dial.) banter, ridicule; trick, prank (phr. run a rig). XVIII. f. rig vb. (XVI) wanton, romp, of unkn. orig.

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