views updated May 21 2018

re·dress / riˈdres; ˈrēˌdres/ • v. [tr.] remedy or set right (an undesirable or unfair situation): the power to redress the grievances of our citizens. ∎ archaic set upright again: some ambitious architect being called to redress a leaning wall.• n. remedy or compensation for a wrong or grievance: those seeking redress for an infringement of public law rights.PHRASES: redress the balance take action to restore equality in a situation.DERIVATIVES: re·dress·a·ble·dress·al / -əl/·dress·er n.


views updated May 29 2018

redress †set upright again; restore, amend, remedy XIV. — (O)F. redresser; see RE-, DRESS.
So sb. XIV. — AN. redresse.


views updated Jun 11 2018


Compensation for injuries sustained; recovery or restitution for harm or injury; damages or equitable relief. Access to the courts to gainreparationfor a wrong.