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jun·ior / ˈjoōnyər/ • adj. 1. of, for, or denoting young or younger people: junior tennis. ∎  of or for students in the third year of a course lasting four years in college or high school: his junior year in college. ∎  (often Junior) [in names] denoting the younger of two who have the same name in a family, esp. a son as distinct from his father: John F. Kennedy Junior. 2. low or lower in rank or status: Virginia's junior senator part of my function is to supervise those junior to me. • n. 1. a person who is a specified number of years younger than someone else: he's five years her junior. ∎  a student in the third year of college or high school. ∎  (in sports) a young competitor, typically under sixteen or eighteen. ∎ inf. used as a nickname or form of address for one's son. 2. a person with low rank or status compared with others. 3. a size of clothing for teenagers or slender women. DERIVATIVES: jun·ior·i·ty / joōnˈyôritē; -ˈyär-/ n.ORIGIN: Middle English (as an adjective following a family name): from Latin, comparative of juvenis ‘young.’

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Younger; subsequently born or created; later in rank, tenure, preference, or position.

A junior lien is one that is subordinate in rank to another prior lien. This means that the junior lien will be paid off only after the prior lien has been satisfied.

When used in a proper name, junior or its abbreviation, Jr., is merely descriptive and not part of the individual's legal name. The absence of the term at the end of a name has no legal consequence. A signature that omits the description is still valid.

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junior younger XVII; of lower standing XVIII; sb. XVI. — L. jūnior (:- *juvenior), compar. of juvenis YOUNG.