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in·de·ter·mi·nate / ˌindiˈtərmənit/ • adj. not certain, known, or established: the date of manufacture is indeterminate. ∎  left doubtful; vague: many felt that the ending rendered the story incomplete, or at least indeterminate. ∎  (of a judicial sentence) such that the convicted person's conduct determines the date of release. ∎  Math. (of a quantity) having no definite or definable value. ∎  Med. (of a condition) from which a diagnosis of the underlying cause cannot be made: indeterminate colitis. ∎  Bot. (of a plant shoot) not having all the axes terminating in a flower bud and so producing a shoot of indefinite length. DERIVATIVES: in·de·ter·mi·na·cy / -nəsē/ n. in·de·ter·mi·nate·ly adv. in·de·ter·mi·nate·ness n.

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That which is uncertain or not particularly designated.

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