Independent Nasserite Movement (INM)

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Lebanese Sunni political organization, created in 1958 by young students opposed to the pro-Western policies of Camille Chamoun. Backed by Egypt, its moments of glory were under the leadership of Ibrahim Koleilat, between 1975 and 1980, when it was allied with the Palestinian Fatah, while retaining its own armed branch, al-Murabitun (the Sentinels). In 1982, the invasion of Lebanon by Israel forced the Murabitun and the INM to go underground. In June 1983, a split in the group gave rise to the Independent Lebanese National Alliance, under the leadership of Samir Sabbagh, former assistant to Ibrahim Koleilat. In December 1986, a new rift led to the creation of the National Independent Movement, headed by Samir Sabbagh. Weakened by much dissidence, the INM then waned in influence in the Lebanese political arena.

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Independent Nasserite Movement (INM)

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