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en·act / enˈakt/ • v. [tr.] 1. (often be enacted) make (a bill or other proposal) law. ∎  put into practice (a belief, idea, or suggestion). 2. act out (a role or play) on stage. DERIVATIVES: en·act·a·ble adj. en·ac·tion / enˈakshən/ n. en·ac·tor / -tər/ n.

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A. †enter among the acts or public records; make into an act, decree XV;

B. perform (a play, etc.), act (a part) XVI. f. EN-1 + ACT sb. and vb.
Hence enactment XIX.

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To establish by law; to perform or effect; to decree.

Enact, sometimes used synonymously with adopt, is generally applied to legislative rather than executive action.

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