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cer·tif·i·cate • n. / sərˈtifikit/ an official document attesting a certain fact, in particular: ∎  a document recording a person's birth, marriage, or death. ∎  a document describing a medical condition: certificate of immunization. ∎  a document attesting a level of achievement in a course of study or training: graduate certificate in information technology. ∎  a document attesting ownership of a certain item: a stock certificate.• v. / -ˈtifəkāt/ [tr.] (usu. be certificated) provide with or attest in an official document.DERIVATIVES: cer·ti·fi·ca·tion / ˌsərtəfiˈkāshən/ n.


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A written document that is official verification that a condition or requirement has, or has not, been met.

A written assurance issued from a court that is notification to another officer, judge, or court of procedures practiced therein.

A document (such as a birth certificate) prepared by an official during the course of his or her

regular duties, and which may be used as evidence for certain purposes.

A document certifying that one has fulfilled certain requirements and may practice in a field.

A stock certificate is a paper representing a share of stock in a corporation that has been purchased by its holder.

A certificate of acknowledgment is the written statement by a notary public, justice of the peace, or other authorized officer that sets forth that a person or persons appeared before him or her on a particular date and declared an instrument to be their voluntary act and deed.

A certificate of deposit is prepared by a bank as a receipt for money deposited by a customer that the bank promises to repay to the depositor after certain conditions have been fulfilled.