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an·i·mus / ˈanəməs/ • n. 1. hostility or ill feeling: the author's animus toward her. 2. motivation to do something: the reformist animus came from within the Party. 3. Psychol. Jung's term for the masculine part of a woman's personality.Often contrasted with anima.

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[Latin, Mind, soul, or intention.] A tendency or an inclination toward a definite, sometimes unavoidable, goal; an aim, objective, or purpose.

When animus is used in conjunction with other words of Latin origin, its most common meaning is "the intention of." For example, animus revocandi is the intention of revoking; animus possidendi is the intention of possessing.

Animo, meaning "with intent," may be employed in a manner similar to animus. For example, animo felonico means with felonious intent.

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animus hostile spirit. XIX. — L.; see ANIMATE.

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