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a·but / əˈbət/ • v. (a·but·ted , a·but·ting ) [tr.] (of an area of land or a building) be next to or have a common boundary with: gardens abutting Great Prescott Street | [intr.] a park abutting on an area of wasteland. ∎  touch or lean upon: masonry may crumble where a roof abuts it.

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abutabut, but, butt, cut, glut, gut, hut, intercut, jut, Mut, mutt, nut, phut, putt, rut, scut, shortcut, shut, slut, smut, strut, tut, undercut •sackbut • scuttlebutt • catgut •midgut • Vonnegut • rotgut • haircut •offcut • cross-cut • linocut • crew cut •woodcut • uppercut • chestnut •hazelnut • peanut • wing nut • cobnut •locknut • walnut • groundnut •doughnut (US donut) • coconut •butternut

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A. border upon XV;

B. end on or against XVI. In A, — AL. abuttāre, f. a- AD- + butta strip of land; in B, — (O)F. abouter, †abuter, f. a- AD- + bouter BUTT1.
Hence abutment XVII.

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To reach; to touch. To touch at the end; be contiguous; join at a border or boundary; terminate on; end at; border on; reach or touch with an end. The term abutting implies a closer proximity than the term adjacent.

When referring to real property, abutting means that there is no intervening land between the abutting parcels. Generally, properties that share a common boundary are abutting. A statute may require abutting owners to pay proportional shares of the cost of a street improvement project.

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