Abyaḍ, Yiḥya ben Shalom

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ABYAḌ, YIḤYA BEN SHALOM (1873–1935), student friend of R. Yiḥya *Kāfaḥ; among the heads of the Dor De'ah ("generation of wisdom") movement in Yemen. Abyaḍ was renowned as a biblical scholar and as an expert in astronomy and natural medicine. His medical treatment acquired popular acclaim and many sick people, both Jews and Muslims, came to him for help, and he was noted for treating people free of charge. Abyaḍ was head of the Maswari synagogue in San'a and taught Torah to the Jewish public; nonetheless, he earned his livelihood as a silver- and goldsmith. His ornaments were distinguished by their artistic delicacy. After the death of the chief rabbi, Yiḥya Isaac, in 1932, the community heads appointed him successor. However dissident groups and violent factions prevailed, and the rabbi's health was soon undermined.


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[Yehuda Ratzaby]