New England Conservatory of Music

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New England Conservatory of Music. Mus. sch. in Boston, Mass., founded in Feb. 1867 by Eben Tourjée (b Warwick, R.I., 1834; d Boston, Mass., 1891) in assoc. with Robert Goldbeck. Within 10 years it was largest mus. sch. in the USA with over 14,000 graduates. After Tourjée, dirs. were Carl Faelton (1891–7), George W. Chadwick (1897–1931), Wallace Goodrich (1931–42), Harrison Keller (1942–66), and Gunther Schuller 1966–77. Cons. has Afro-Amer. dept. and courses in jazz and ragtime. Members of Boston SO are among teaching staff.

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New England Conservatory of Music

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    New England Conservatory of Music