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New Dimensions Broadcasting Network

New Dimensions Broadcasting Network is the producer and distributor of post-New Age radio and short wave programs. New Dimensions was created in 1973, as an expression of the human potentials movement. Founders Michael and Justine Toms were, at that time, inspired by the work of parapsychologist Charles T. Tart, one of the founders of the discipline of transpersonal psychology, who had observed that a new revolution in consciousness was beginning. New Dimensions was incorporated as a nonprofit educational foundation to address the issues raised by the approaching change in culture and value systems.

New Dimensions began modestly as a program for a single station in Northern California. In 1980 the program reached a national audience with a weekly program over a satellite network. Through the 1990s more than a hundred different stations across the United States have aired the ongoing series of programs and it has been picked up by the Armed Forces Radio Network and the Radio for Peace International shortwave network. Beginning in May 2000, New Dimensions was aired by the Merlin shortwave system. It is also available on the Internet. As the twenty-fist century begins, New Dimensions is the most widely heard New Age broadcast in the world.

New Dimensions programs are commonly built around an interview with one or more persons representative of what is perceived as the new consciousness. Guests have included spiritual leaders from a variety of Eastern and alternative traditions, environmental spokespersons, and exponents of various forms of esoteric wisdom and New Thought metaphysics.

The New Dimensions Broadcast is currently supported by the New Dimensions Foundation, P. O. Box 569, Ukiah, CA 95482. The Foundation issues a bi-monthly periodical, New Dimensions: The Journal of New Dimensions Radio, that provides a guide to upcoming programs. It also supports a website at, and makes available tape recordings of past programs. The work of the foundation is supported by a cadre of listeners known as the Friends of New Dimensions.


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