Thomas, C(harles) Drayton (1867-1953)

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Thomas, C(harles) Drayton (1867-1953)

British clergyman who was an active member of the Society for Psychical Research, London, for many years. He was a Council member from 1934-53 and one of the first regular sitters with the medium Gladys Osborne Leonard. He reported on her phenomena in the society's Journal and Proceedings.

He worked with W. Whateley Carington in the quantitative study of trance personalities. His many articles and several books indicate an interest in psychical research as a means of supporting his belief in life after death.

His books include: Some Evidence for Human Survival (1922), Life Beyond Death with Evidence (1928), The Mental Phenomena of Spiritualism (1930), An Amazing Experiment, Beyond Life's Sunset (1931), From Life to Life (1946), In the Dawn Beyond Death, and Precognition and Human Survival (1948).

Thomas died July 14, 1953.


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Thomas, C(harles) Drayton (1867-1953)

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