Rao, Bangalore Suryanarain (1856-1937)

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Rao, Bangalore Suryanarain (1856-1937)

Indian astrologer, born in Srikakulam, India, on February 12, 1856. Rao graduated from Central College in Bangalore and practiced law at Bellary, India, for a decade. He also became interested in astrology and pioneered the introduction of Vedic astrology from the several Indian languages into the dominant English-speaking culture then existing in India. He published his first book in 1882 and his Astrological Self-Instructor in 1892. In 1895 he began an English-language periodical, The Astrological Magazine. The magazine continued until 1923, when it was suspended for seven years because of Rao's ill health. It was revived with Rao and his grandson B. V. Raman serving as coeditors. Over the next few years Raman gradually assumed control of the family business.

Rao wrote some of the first English-language books on Indian astrology, and his books introduced the topic to the West. Through his grandson's books, Vedic astrology has found a large following.

Rao died in March 1937.


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