Musso, J(uan) Ricardo (1917-1989)

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Musso, J(uan) Ricardo (1917-1989)

Business consultant, author, editor, and professor of parapsychology whose research centered on the testing of ESP by statistical methods. Musso was born on June 9, 1917, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and studied at the School of Economic Sciences, Buenos Aires University (Doctor of Economic Sciences, 1944). He became a lecturer on parapsychology at the Argentine Institute of Parapsychology, Buenos Aires (1956-58) and at the National University of the South, Bahia Blanca, Argentina (1957). Beginning in 1959 he was a professor of parapsychology and psychostatistics at the School of Philosophy, Letters and Educational Sciences, National Littoral University, Rosario Argentina.

In 1953 he helped found the Argentine Institute of Parapsychology. He was also a consultant to the Parapsychology Foundation, director of Biblioteca de Parapsicología (Parapsychology Publications), and director and editor of Revista de Parapsicología (Parapsychology Review). In 1971, he attended the Twentieth International Conference of the Parapsychology Foundation, held at Le Piol, St. Paul de Vence, France. He died October 28, 1989.


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