Mangan, Gordon Lavelle (1924-)

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Mangan, Gordon Lavelle (1924-)

University lecturer in psychology who made a special study of parapsychology. He was born on December 5, 1924, in Wellington, New Zealand. He studied at the University of New Zealand (M.A., 1945), the University of Melbourne, Australia (Ed.B., 1950), and the University of London, England (Ph.D., 1954).

After working as a high school teacher, he became a fellow of the Parapsychology Foundation and a research associate at Duke University (1954-56). After short periods teaching in the department of psychology at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada (1956-58) and Victoria University (1958-61) in Canada, he returned to Australia as a senior lecturer in the psychology department at the University of Queensland in 1961.

Mangan published a number of articles on parapsychology and one important monograph, A Review of the Published Research on the Relationship of Some Personality Variables to ESP Scoring Level (1958).


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