Mackey, Albert Gallatin (1807-1881)

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Mackey, Albert Gallatin (1807-1881)

American authority on Freemasonry and editor of numerous books on the subject, including Encyclopedia of Freemasonry (1874). Mackey was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on March 12, 1807. He was a disciple of the great nineteenth-century Masonic leader Albert Pike (1809-1891), one of those falsely charged by fictitious Satanic priestess Diana Vaughan and others with the practice of devil worship and sorcery. The whole campaign proved to be a conspiracy on the part of journalist Gabriel Jogand-Pagés to discredit and embarrass both the Roman Catholic Church and Freemasonry. One of the earliest writers to throw doubt on the revelations of Jogand-Pagès was British occultist and mystic Arthur E. Waite in his book Devil-Worship in France (1896).

He died on June 20, 1881, in Virginia.


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Mackey, Albert Gallatin (1807-1881)

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