Loquifer, Battle of

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Loquifer, Battle of

A tale incorporated in the Charlemagne saga, supposed to have been written around the twelfth century. Its hero is Renouart, the reputed giant brother-in-law of William of Orange (died 812 C.E.) and the events take place on the sea. Renouart and his barons are on the shore at Porpaillart when a Saracen fleet is seen. He is persuaded to enter one of the ships, which immediately sets sail, and he is told by Isembert, a hideous monster, that the Saracens mean to flay him alive.

Armed only with a huge bar of wood, Renouart kills this creature and makes the Saracens let him go, while they return to their own country. It is arranged that Renouart will fight Loquifer, a fairy giant and leader of the Saracens, and the outcome of this combat will determine the war.

They meet on an island near Porpaillart. Loquifer possesses a magical balm, which heals all his wounds immediately and is concealed in his club. But Renouart is assisted by angels, and he eventually deprives Loquifer of his club, so that his strength departs. Then Renouart slays him, and the devil carries off his soul.

The romance goes on to tell of a duel between William of Orange and Desrame, Renouart's father, in which the latter is slain. Renouart is comforted by fairies, who bear him to Avalon where he has many adventures. He is shipwrecked but is rescued by mermaids and awakes to find himself on the sands at Porpaillart, from which spot he had been taken to Avalon.