Bander, Peter (1930-)

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Bander, Peter (1930-)

British psychologist, lecturer in religious and moral education, director in the publishing house Colin Smythe, Ltd., of Gerrards Cross, Britain, and writer on psychic topics. Bander introduced the English-speaking world to the experiments of Dr. Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian psychologist who pioneered a particular kind of electronic communication with the dead, discovered by Friedrich Jürgenson in 1959.

This communication involved paranormal voice recordings obtained on a tape recorder enhanced by a simple diode circuit. Bander translated Raudive's book Breakthrough in 1971, after which he appeared on 27 television and radio programs in connection with what came to be called Raudive voices, now more popularly known as "electronic voice phenomenon." Besides a number of books not dealing with parapsychology, Bander wrote The Prophecies of Malachy & Columbkille (1969), Eternal Youth & Music (1970), Voices from the Tapes (1973), and Open to Suggestion (1974).


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