Bandinelli, Bartolomeo

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Bartolomeo Bandinelli (bärtölōmā´ō bändēnĕl´lē) or Baccio (bät´chō), 1493?–1560, Florentine sculptor and painter; son of a goldsmith. He attempted to emulate Michelangelo, and derived from him a strong interest in musculature. Although his drawings are forceful, his sculpture tends toward a somewhat static rendering of the human form. Among his works are a statue of St. Peter and an altar screen in the cathedral at Florence. Hercules and Cacus (1534) and the monument to Giovanni delle Bande Nere are also in Florence. Together with his assistants, he is responsible for the execution of the tombs of popes Leo X and Clement VII in Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Rome.