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Australian Satanic Council

The Australian Satanic Council emerged in the 1990s as a research and educational organization to help change the public image of Satanism and remove the ridicule and misunderstanding with which Satanists have had to endure. As such, the council is not itself a new Satanist church or religious group; rather, it is a haven for all Satanists and Satanic groups and an organ for promoting Satanism in general. Membership in the council does not preclude membership in any other Satanic group.

The council is headed by a small group of council members who set policy and generally guide its work, much of which consists of upkeep of the council's webpage. Others affiliated with the council are designated associate members. There are no fees required for becoming an associate member. Associate members support the council but do not have a vote on policy issues. The council's primary policy is a disavowal of all illegal activities, especially the use of drugs or violence.

The council does not favor a particular Satanic theology, especially on the matter of whether Satan is a symbol or a deity. It does not recognize ecclesiastical titles (reverend, bishop, etc.), as they tend to perpetuate the Christianity from which they were derived. It recognizes only the accomplishments of individuals. The council maintains a reference library of Satanic materials, which it makes available on its website, and assumes a role in reviewing Satanic websites and Satanic organizations with an Internet presence, though it does not make a final decision on the worth of different organizations.

The Australian Satanic Council exists primarily in cyberspace and may be contacted through its webpage at


The Australian Satanic Council. May 14, 2000.

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