Aurum Solis (Order of the Sacred Word)

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Aurum Solis (Order of the Sacred Word)

Magical society founded in 1897 by occultists Charles Kon-gold and George Stanton. The society is an initiatory order of the Ogdoatic tradition of the Western Mysteries. This tradition fused pre-Christian mystery teachings of the Eastern Mediterranean with the mystic teachings of the Oriental monasteries of Sinai, Carmel, and St. Sabas. Aurum Solis has had a special interest in alchemical, Gnostic, medieval, and Celtic traditions within a basic framework of kabalistic philosophy, affirmed through special rituals relating to spiritual consciousness.

After World War I, the society's membership became influenced by newer occult trends from such other organizations as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, but authentic kabalistic traditions were strengthened by the work of Rabbi Morris Greenburg, a noted Talmudic scholar. World War II largely suspended the society activities until 1949.

Some years later conflicting trends arose, largely around the issue of magical rituals designed to enhance consciousness and the actual use of occult powers. A schism occurred in 1957, and one group broke away to form the Hermetic Order of the Sacred Word (OSW). The main body of the Aurum Solis reaffirmed the original intent of its rituals so that "the rites and the philosophy of the Order should reflect the joy and freedom of the Spirit which has been so much a part of true Magick in all ages; and that, as in the early days of the Order, the essential standard of judgment on any practice should not simply be that of philosophic and technical correctness, but that of effectiveness."

The breakaway group, the Order of the Sacred Word, emphasized the significance of a mystical word in Kabala. For some years this group was enriched by the personality of their warden, Ernest Page, a noted graphologist and astrologer. Page was a kindly and well-loved figure in the bohemian culture of London's Soho, and he spent much time and energy attempting to reconcile the OSW and the Aurum Solis. Although he did not live to see this come about, the desired reunion did occur in 1971.

The Aurum Solis is currently flourishing as a private magical group. Its philosophy has been described in detail by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips (the pen names of Vivian Barcynski and Leonard R. Barcynski) in their five-volume work, The Magical Philosophy (1974-81). Denning and Phillips are Adept Minores of the Aurum Solis. In 1987 Carl Weschcke became the Grand Master of the order.


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Aurum Solis (Order of the Sacred Word)

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