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Attunement is a spiritual healing technique developed in the early 1930s by Lloyd Meeker (d. 1954). It appears that in the 1920s he had come across some forms of magnetic healing which launched his own speculations concerning the nature of spiritual healing. He began working as a healer in 1929. Then in 1932 he had a profound spiritual experience during which he became aware of his higher self. He returned to this experience with the higher self repeatedly and soon felt that he had merged with it. He also adopted a new name, Uranda, under which he began to teach. He founded the Third Sacred School that was later incorporated as the Emissaries of Divine Light.

In the 1940s, Meeker met George Shears, a chiropractor who had developed a no-fee chiropractic practice based upon the donations of patients. He shared his ideas with his colleagues and many accepted his approach. He also began to include a form of spiritual healing in what became known as the God-Patient Chiropractor (or G.P.C.) system. Through the 1940s, Meeker used a mixed healing system that included both the laying on of hands with the idea of the radiation of healing power from the hands to specific parts of the body. Then, in 1949, a chiropractor who had worked with Meeker had an unusual experience. He was preparing to do an adjustment, but before he made it, the problem corrected itself. He intuited that the change had been made by spirit. This observation led to the separation of this specific form of healing, now taking the name Attunement, from Meeker's larger theological preachments.

The chiropractor, Albert Ackerly, eventually dropped his chiropractic practice and devoted himself full time to the development of Attunement. The practice is focused on the radiation of energy to the body, based upon the understanding that the endocrine glands are the principal portals through which spirit can enter the body. The endocrine glands are closely related to the traditional chakras. Following Ackerly's discovery, other chiropractors joined him in becoming full time Attunement healers.

In 1950, Meeker first addressed a group of G.P.C. chiropractors and soon afterward a convention of chiropractors was held at Sunrise Ranch, the headquarters of the Emissaries movement in Colorado. In 1952, a set of Emissary programs was regularly offered to chiropractic professionals through what was then known as the G.P.C. Servers Training School. The practice of Attunement was spread through the school.

In 1996, a number of Attunement practitioners gathered at Sunrise Ranch to found the Attunement Guild as a professional association to promote the practice. They use the Server's Code introduced by Meeker in 1953. There are currently several hundred Attunement practitioners found across North America, and in Israel, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and South Africa.

The Attunement Guild may be reached at the headquarters of the Emissaries at 5569 N. Country Rd. 29, Loveland, CO 80537. It has a website at


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