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Alphabiotics is a new holistic health treatment established in 1971 by Dr. Virgil Chrane, Jr., and grew out of his years of concern with the overarching negative role that stress was playing in the life of contemporary humanity. Chrane came to feel that most adults, due to many years of incorrect responses to stressful situations, were now "brainlocked" in an unbalanced stress state. He assumed that coming out of this state can enhance all of one's life, and proposed Alphabiotics is the answer to the problem. He offered Alphabiotics as an alternative to other therapies that were more symptom oriented, rather than dealing with the root cause of the problem.

The solution to the stress problem Chrane found in New Age metaphysics. The lack of balance leads to a diminution of the Life Energy (also called prana or qi in other systems of thought). The practice of Alphabiotics allows the free flow of Life Energy. Such energy appears to have an intelligence of its own and quickly flows to those places in the body where it is most needed. The technique of Alphabiotics has the appearance of great simplicity, the patient lying on their back on a table while the practitioner gently manipulates their neck area. The entire treatment takes less that 30 seconds.

While appearing simple, the process requires training to properly perform, and Chrane (and his son Michael Chrane) train practitioners through the International Alphabiotics Association. The association may be reached at HCR 83, Box 18-A, Menard, Texas 76859. It has an Internet site at Practitioners can now be found across North America, and in Australia, the United Kingdom, and countries of continental Europe.


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