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Helichrysum (everlasting daisies; family Compositae) A genus of herbs and shrubs that have entire, usually alternate, leaves. The flower heads may be large (up to 5 cm in diameter), and solitary, or in panicles or clusters. The papery, dry, shiny involucre bracts extend beyond the flowers and have the appearance of petals; they are yellow, white, brown, or pink. The shrubby species often have smaller flowers held in a terminal corymb. The disc-florets are mostly bisexual, tubular, and yellow. The anthers have short tails, and the style has cylindrical lobes. The fruit is a nut or achene with a single seed. Many species are cultivated, as the flowers can be dried and keep their colour for a long period. There are about 500 species, found in south-eastern Europe, Africa, and Australia. The genus is centred in S. Africa, where more than 200 species are present.