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yard1 / yärd/ • n. 1. (abbr.: yd.) a unit of linear measure equal to 3 feet (0.9144 meter). ∎  (yards of) inf. a great length: yards and yards of fine lace. ∎  a square or cubic yard, esp. of sand or other building materials. ∎  a cloth measure, of three feet in length and varying widths. 2. a cylindrical spar, tapering to each end, slung across a ship's mast for a sail to hang from. 3. inf. one hundred dollars; a one hundred dollar bill. PHRASES: by the yard in large numbers or quantities: books by the yard.yard2 • n. a piece of ground adjoining a building or house. ∎  an area of ground surrounded by walls or buildings. ∎  an area of land used for a particular purpose or business: a storage yard. • v. 1. [tr.] store or transport (timber) in or to a log yard. 2. [intr.] (of deer or moose) gather as a herd for the winter. PHRASES: the Yard Brit. informal term for Scotland Yard.

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yardAssad, aubade, avant-garde, backyard, ballade, bard, Bernard, bombard, canard, card, charade, chard, couvade, croustade, Cunard, facade, glissade, guard, hard, ill-starred, interlard, lard, Montagnard, nard, pard, petard, pomade, promenade, regard, retard, rodomontade, roulade, saccade, Sade, salade, sard, shard, unmarred, unscarred, yard •Bayard • galliard • Savoyard •Svalbard •bombarde, Lombard •Goddard • blackguard • vanguard •Asgard • safeguard • Midgard •bodyguard • lifeguard • Bogarde •coastguard • mudguard • rearguard •fireguard • Kierkegaard • diehard •blowhard •Jacquard, placard •flashcard • railcard • racecard • Picard •scorecard • showcard • phonecard •Ballard, mallard •Willard • Abelard • bollard • Barnard •Maynard, reynard •communard • Oudenarde • Stoppard •Gerard • Everard • brassard •Hansard, mansard •Trenchard • Ostade • leotard •boulevard • scrapyard • farmyard •barnyard • graveyard • brickyard •shipyard •dockyard, stockyard •foreyard • courtyard • boatyard •woodyard • junkyard • churchyard

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1. Uncovered piece of ground, surrounded by walls or buildings, without the architectural pretensions of a court or quadrangle.

2. Linear measurement equalling 3 feet (approx. 90 cm.).

3. Enclosure set apart for some trade or business, e.g. brick-yard, dockyard (for ships), shipyard, tan-yard, etc.

4. Spar or rafter of a roof.

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yard2 †rod, staff; (naut.) spar to which a square sail is bent; †measuring-rod; †rood (of land) OE.; measure of 3 feet XIV. OE. ġerd, (WS.) *ġierd, ġird, ġyrd = OS. gerdia switch (Du. gard twig, rod), OHG. gart(e)a, gerta (G. gerte):- WGmc. *ʒazdjō, f. Gmc. *ʒazdaz (see GADFLY).

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yard1 enclosed space attached to a building OE.; enclosure in which animals are kept or some work is done XIII. OE. ġeard fence, enclosure, courtyard, dwelling, region, corr., with variation of declension, to OS. gardo (Du. gaard), OHG. gart(o) (G. garten garden), ON. garðr. Goth. gards house, garda enclosure, stall:- Gmc. *ʒarðaz *ʒarðan- rel. to OSl. gradǔ city, garden (Russ. górod town).

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yard Imperial unit of length equal to 3 feet (ft). One yard (yd) equals 0.9144 metres (m).

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