Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn

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YARBRO, Chelsea Quinn

YARBRO, Chelsea Quinn. Also writes as Tracy Nelson Bonner, Vanessa Pryor, Quinn Fawcett. American, b. 1942. Genres: Romance/Historical, Science fiction/Fantasy, Westerns/Adventure, Paranormal, Young adult fiction, Novellas/Short stories, Horror, Essays, Mystery/Crime/Suspense. Career: Theatre Manager, and playwright, Mirthmakers Children's Theatre, San Francisco, 1961-64; children's counsellor, 1963; Cartographer, C.E. Erickson and Assocs., Oakland, California, 1963-70; composer, card and palm reader, 1974-78. Secretary, Science Fiction Writers of America, 1970-72; President, Horror Writers of America, 1988-89; Chairman of Trustees, 1992-94. Publications: (ed. with T.N. Scortia) Two Views of Wonder, 1973; Time of the Fourth Horseman (science fiction), 1976; Ogilvie, Tallant, and Moon, 1976 repr Bad Medicine, 1990; Hotel Transylvania, 1978; False Dawn (science fiction), 1978; Cautionary Tales (SF short stories), 1978; Music When Sweet Voices Die, 1979 repr as False Notes, 1990; The Palace, 1979; Blood Games, 1980; Sins of Omission, 1980; Ariosto, 1980; Dead and Buried, 1980; Path of the Eclipse, 1981; Tempting Fate, 1982; The Saint-Germain Chronicles (short stories), 1983; The Godforsaken (novel), 1983; Hyacinths (science fiction), 1983; Locadio's Apprentice (juvenile fiction), 1984; Nomads (novelization), 1984; Signs and Portents (short stories), 1984; Four Horses for Tishtry (juvenile fiction), 1985; A Mortal Glamour (novel), 1985; To the High Redoubt (novel), 1985; A Baroque Fable (novel with music), 1986; Floating Illusions (juvenile fiction), 1986; Firecode (novel), 1987; A Flame in Byzantium (novel), 1987; Crusader's Torch (novel), 1988; Taji's Syndrome (novel), 1988; The Law in Charity (western), 1989; A Candle for D'Artagnan (novel), 1989; Beastnights (novel), 1989; Out of the House of Life (novel), 1990; Poison Fruit, 1991; Darker Jewels, 1993; Crown of Empire, 1993; Cat's Claw, 1992; Better in The Dark, 1994; Charity, Colorado, 1994; Monet's Ghost, 1995; Mansions of Darkness, 1996; Writ in Blood, 1997; Blood Roses, 1998; Kelene: The Angry Angel, 1998; Communion Blood, 1999; Fenice: Soul of an Angel, 1999; Come Twilight, 2000; A Feast in Exhile, 2001; Zhameni: The Angel of Death, 2001. AS TERRY NELSON BONNER: The Making of Australia #5: The Outback, 1983. AS QUINN FAWCETT (with B. Fawcett): Napoleon Must Die, 1993; Death Wears a Crown, 1993; The Adventures of Mycroft Holmes, 1994; The Further Adventures of My- croft Holmes, 1995; Against the Brotherhood, 1997; Embassy Row, 1998; The Flying Scotsman, 1999; The Scottish Ploy, 2000. AS VANESSA PRYOR: A Taste of Wine, 1982. Works appear in anthologies and collections. ELECTRONIC PUBLICATIONS: Magnificat, 1999; In the Face of Death, 2001. NON-FICTION: Messages from Michael, 1979; More Messages from Michael, 1986; Michael's People, 1988; Michael for the Millennium, 1995.