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quad·ran·gle / ˈkwäˌdranggəl/ • n. Geom. a four-sided plane figure, esp. a square or rectangle. ∎  a square or rectangular space or courtyard enclosed by buildings. ∎  the area shown on a standard topographic map sheet of the U.S. Geological Survey. DERIVATIVES: quad·ran·gu·lar / kwäˈdranggyələr/ adj.

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quadrangle figure having four angles (and four sides) XV; square or rectangular space or court XVI. — (O)F. quadrangle or late L. quadrangulum, sb. use of n. of quadrangulus; see QUADRI-, ANGLE2.
So quadrangular XVI. — medL. quadrangulāris.

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1. Figure with four sides in the same plane.

2. Large rectangular inner court around which buildings are erected, such as in Oxford colleges, where it is called quad, and in Cambridge, called court.