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six·teen / sikˈstēn; ˈsikˌstēn/ • cardinal number equivalent to the product of four and four; one more than fifteen, or six more than ten; 16: sixteen miles east of Detroit sixteen of our eighteen patients. (Roman numeral: xvi, XVI.) ∎  a size of garment or other merchandise denoted by sixteen. ∎  sixteen years old: a daughter of sixteen. DERIVATIVES: six·teenth / sikˈstēn[unvoicedth]; ˈsikˌstēn[unvoicedth]/ ordinal number .

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Sixteen ★★ Like a Crow on a June Bug 1972 (R)

A naive country lass is attracted to the glitter and hum of the outside world. Her determination and optimism help her triumph. 84m/C VHS, DVD . Mercedes McCambridge, Parley Baer, Ford Rainey, Beverly (Hills) Powers, John Lozier, Simone Griffeth, Maidie Norman; D: Lawrence (Larry) Dobkin.