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eight·y / ˈātē/ • cardinal number (pl. eight·ies) equivalent to the product of eight and ten; ten less than ninety; 80. (Roman numeral: lxxx or LXXX.) ∎  (eighties) the numbers from 80 to 89, esp. the years of a century or of a person's life: his grandmother was in her eighties. ∎  eighty years old: he was over eighty at the time. ∎  eighty miles an hour: roaring down the highway doing eighty. DERIVATIVES: eight·i·eth / ˈātēi[unvoicedth]/ ordinal number

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eightyAlbacete, eighty, Haiti, Katy, Kuwaiti, Leyte, matey, pratie, slaty, weighty •safety • frailty •dainty, painty •hasty, pastie, pasty, tasty •suzerainty •Beatty, entreaty, graffiti, meaty, Nefertiti, peaty, sleety, sweetie, Tahiti, titi, treaty •beastie, yeasty