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re·fresh / riˈfresh/ • v. [tr.] give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate: the shower had refreshed her| [as adj.] (refreshed) I awoke feeling calm and refreshed. ∎  stimulate or jog (someone's memory) by checking or going over previous information: he was able to refresh her memory on many points. ∎  revise or update (skills or knowledge): short-term courses give nurses an opportunity to refresh their skills. ∎  Comput. update the display on (a screen). ∎  pour more (drink) for someone or refill (a container) with drink: the tea is cold and the pot needs refreshing. ∎  place or keep (food) in cold water so as to cool or maintain freshness. • n. Comput. an act or function of updating the display on a screen.

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refresh (regenerate)
1. To replenish the charge on the storage capacitors used in dynamic memory cells and other similar devices. Some devices are provided with internal circuitry that automatically refreshes dynamic cells whenever these cells are read. The word refresh is also used as a noun.

2. To repeat at regular intervals the display of digital information on a cathode-ray tube or television monitor in order that the display can appear persistent. See also refresh frequency.

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refresh impart freshness to, restore to a fresh condition. XIV. — OF. refreshi(e)r, f. RE- + fres, fem. fresche FRESH.
Hence refreshment XIV.