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play·er / ˈplāər/ • n. 1. a person taking part in a sport or game: a tennis player. ∎  a person or body that is involved and influential in an area or activity: the country's isolationism made it a secondary player in world political events. 2. a person who plays a musical instrument: a guitar player. ∎  a device for playing compact discs, audiocassettes, etc. 3. an actor.

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player Informal Usually, the software that will display the contents of an HTML file; the contents may be text, or digitally encoded audio, images, or video, and the player will present the material using the appropriate hardware. See also World Wide Web.

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playerabaya, betrayer, conveyor, Eritrea, flayer, Freya, gainsayer, layer, Malaya, Marbella, Maya, Mayer, Nouméa, obeyer, payer, player, portrayer, prayer, preyer, purveyor, slayer, sprayer, stayer, strayer, surveyor, waylayer, weigher •tracklayer • bricklayer • minelayer •record-player • taxpayer • ratepayer •naysayer • soothsayer • crocheter

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